Dressed for Success

This program is geared specifically toward Unity Center FUTURE students in the 5th grade and is designed to increase the positive social image of students as they move into their transitional middle school years.

Four instructional sessions on self-confidence, public speaking (including preparing a short speech to present), hygiene, poise and appearance are led by specialists in those areas.  These instructional times provide the youth with the knowledge they need to present themselves confidently and positively to the public.

To complete the program the students partner with an adult to shop for a new dress outfit. This provides students with a concrete expression of all the abstract concepts on public image learned in the instructional sessions. The culmination of the program happens at the annual Teacher Tea when the 5th grade students wear their new dress outfits and present their speeches to teachers, principals and students attending.

In addition to the clothing, each student receives a gift bag of hygiene products.