FUTURE After School

FUTURE After-School Program meets Monday-Thursday from 3:00-5:45 PM

FUTURE After-School Program includes many benefits for your child:

• a nutritious snack, unstructured playtime— outdoor playground activities, piano practicing, playing games, developing friendships or creating LEGO cities

• Individually tailored assistance with homework focusing on mathematics, science, reading, and the arts encourages curiosity and the desire to achieve

• A modern computer lab is provided to support student learning

• Projects that include life skills (cooking and woodworking), art and language education (piano, French, dance, guitar) and much more

The ultimate goal of all Unity Center programming is to build hope and opportunity by promoting educational, social, and spiritual growth for all. In short, Unity Center is a community that strives to make today's youth feel safe, loved, and wanted by promoting an atmosphere of kindness, democracy and equality for all God's children.